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By donating to Artlink Central, you can make a real difference to the lives those coping with illness, disability or disadvantage. Help us to work directly with those excluded from participating in the arts by illness or disability.

You can help Artlink Central make a difference to the lives those excluded from participating in the arts by illness or disability. 

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Here's how you can help:

£5 could pay for the art materials for one child with additional support needs to participate in a visual art session 

£10 could pay for a watercolour sketchbook for a dementia patient

£15 could pay for a volunteer’s travel costs to support a project with long-stay hospital patients

£25 could pay for a bag of clay for a participatory ceramics session involving offenders

£50 could pay for 4 ukuleles for a participatory music session 

£100 could pay for an artist, musician or drama worker to deliver one participatory session for people with learning disabilities

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Do something awesome today!

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