Artlink Central is a company limited by guarentee and is a Scottish Charity SC0 08158. It is  governed by a Board of Trustees, which currently has members as follows:

Philip Gaskell (Chairperson) is a general practitioner with a particular interest and experience in mental health and disability gathered over 30 years in Edinburgh and Stirling. As Chair, Philip is well-placed to advocate for Artlink Central’s work within the healthcare sector based on his experience of the indisputable benefits of the arts in healthcare settings.

Stephen Strang is a Chartered Accountant who has held positions as Company Secretary in a public listed Company, as Director of Finance of a private Company, as Head of Finance and Administration at a Tertiary Education Institution and currently works in private practice specialising in taxation.

Victoria McCusker is a marketing and stakeholder engagement consultant with a particular interest in strategic planning and organisational development. She is also a chartered Town Planner and has a particular interest in the role of creative place making in economic regeneration of local areas.

Heather Milligan is the Founder member of the Prudential UK Employee Forum, which was set up in response to the I&C Regulations, 2005. She has extensive experience of large scale consultation covering redundancy, restructure, TUPE transfer, offshoring, 3rd party agreements. Heather’s role is influential in formulating company strategy in communications, policy, reward, employee engagement, environment, health, safety and well being, facilities. She is an active member of the steering group for the IPA Best Practice Network, promoting best practice around information and consultation across the UK.